Running a successful business takes hard work, dedication and finding the right employees for the job. After several failed attempts to locate a premium background check company, I read a few Everify reviews. I have never been one to drag my feet, so I studied the Everify reviews, liked what I saw and gave them a shot.

The major selling point was the Everify unlimited background checks that will save me a fortune at the end of the year. My old background check provider offered a low initial rate, however they would sock it to me every time I needed another service. With so many job applications to verify, the expenses were adding up quickly.

The Everify system is one stop shopping to gain all the information and insight necessary to find the right job candidate in a New York Minute. I was able to pull up email mail lists, do a comprehensive address search and get my hands on email addresses of people who have previously employed my candidates.

My background checks are very straightforward with information searches that tell me who my job applicants really are. Everify does an exhaustive search on social networks, video clips and even outdate information that seems to be buried. In addition, I have at a glance all arrest and conviction records to ascertain an applicants trustworthiness.

The Everify reviews reflected the basic needs of honest employers that need to find the critical information quickly. Time is money and no sensible business owner wants to waste either. Perhaps the most important element to superior people search services is that the price is kept down low and there are no hidden fees. Everify is now the official records search in my office and has proven the easiest of such services to use by my staff. One low cost has saved me a ton of dough in the long run and provided me with instant and dependable applicant feedback that I can trust.


The smart and savvy employer needs to stay on top of his game with the hiring process. Your employees can make or break a small business and it is critical to get the right people in your fold. was the magic bullet that saved me time and money to get the overall picture of my prospective employees. As you know, not everybody tells the truth, so you need to sharpen your skills with technology and do your own fact finding with unlimited background checks.

A comprehensive background check service will give you the lowdown on criminal records, social network behaviors and an email verifier to straighten out who’s who. False and misleading information on a candidate’s application may never be found out without the assistance of computer tools. However, not all background check services are created equal and some can nickle and dime you to death with hidden fees and recurring costs. The system guarantees unlimited background checks and is worth its weight in gold.

The way to learn about a candidate’s criminal records and behavioral discovery is lightning fast and very discreet. Behavioral background checks have proven vital to understanding what motivates a person, their sphere of influence around them, what kind of activities and associations they engage in and so much more. True, an employer is not a licensed therapist that can interpret all the data correctly. There is certainly room for error when it comes down to judgement calls on each prospective candidate. However, basic community standards for what is a decent and a hard working personality type is what the employer needs to know. Services with unlimited background checks are the only way to go to save time, money and make the right employee hiring decision most of the time. Be careful of who you let into your office and circle of confidants. Check their background for potential threats to your livelihood and walk away the victor.


Everify Reviews – A Customer’s Experience

July 1, 2011

They say knowledge is power and staying informed is priority number one. When I hire my seasonal staff each year, I want to be sure that I have quality people in my office. Background checks are not only useful, they are vital to run a tight ship and know who I am dealing with. Forget [...]

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